INDIA LEARN GOLF WEEK is an endeavour by GOLF INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION with an aim to create the next 100,000 INDIAN GOLFERS. it is being held across India in 25th September 2017 - 1st October 2017. The initiative is supported by INDIAN GOLF UNION (IGU) and other National & World Golf bodies.

GIA intends to work with the clubs, driving ranges, coaches and regional associations to develop a nationally coordinated grassroots movement in golf with a highly visible media campaign.


“All the Industry bodies have had a plan to work together for a while now and we are glad that the India Learn Golf Week has given us this opportunity finally. I hope that we can make it a big success. We are trying to build this proposition as a strong base for finding golfing talent in India.”

Devang Shah, Director, GIA

“There has been overwhelming response to the Golf Week from across the country and we are now working to exceed the target. I think with the success of players like Anirban, SSP, Aditi and Ganganjeet in recent times, the excitement around the sport is at an all time high. The ILGW will be a great opportunity for youngsters to ride this wave and bring glory to the country.”

Aparajit, President, IGU

“India Learn Golf Week is a great initiative for introducing players to the game. Being a catalyst for growth of golf, undoubtly there will be a surge of Olympic aspirants in the game for all age groups and sports persons from other sports as well.”

Champika Sayal, Secretary General, WGAI.

“Excellent initiative and nice to know that so many clubs and stakeholders have come together with a long-term vision for the game. I have always felt that Golf has great potential in the country and regular initiatives like this can help unearth hidden talent from all parts.”

Gaganjeet Bhullar, Professional Golfer

“I whole-heartedly support the India Learn Golf Week and wish it a great success. Kudos to the organizers for bringing an institution like the PGA on board and this will go a long way in spreading the popularity of the game in the country.”

Rahil Ganjee, Professional Golfer

“We are really delighted and glad to become a part of this initiative. This is first step towards building a proper golf eco – system and we at Gulmohar Greens Golf and Country Club are proud to be a part of the India Learn Golf Week.”

Alpesh Parikh, Director Consultant, Gulmohar Greens Golf & Country Club

“As a part of the Ahmedabad golf community one of the upcoming destinations for golf in India we are extending our full support to the India Learn Golf Week. I really feel if this initiative becomes a regular fixture we would be able to achieve our target of producing young world class golfers very soon in the future.”

Munish Patel, CEO, Kensville Golf & Country Club