Frequently Asked Questions

We are organizing India Learn Golf Week with one key objective - spreading awareness and introducing more and more people to the game of Golf.

It is being organized in 40 golf courses across 23 cities in the country. Click here for the schedule.

Men - Collared T-shirt with trousers or knee length shorts.
Ladies - Collared/ round neck T-shirts with trousers/skirts/shorts.
Strictly no denim! Sports/Golf shoes compulsory.

The required equipment will be provided to you complimentary.

The session only includes an hour of golf lesson. Other facilities would have to be paid separately to the club/pro-shop.

Registration is mandatory for entry in the golf course. There are two ways to register-
• Online - Click here for registration
• Contact your nearest golf club

It depends on the golf course you are registering your session with. A few golf courses are providing it without any charges and few are charging a nominal fee. Click here for details.

It's never too early or late to learn. Anyone above 3 years of age is eligible.